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Audio / Public Address Systems

We offer high-end, high quality audio and public address solutions, across a diverse range of commercial applications including corporate offices, conference & meeting rooms, visitor & interpretive centres, sports clubs & grounds, gyms and warehousing. Every project can present its own set of challenges and obstacles, the client’s specific requirements, the acoustics of the space, the budget, all have a bearing on the design approach, therefore all our audio systems are unique to the client and venue.

Working with you directly or through your architect we offer the following design and installation services, Public Address Systems, Sound Reinforcement Systems, Paging & Intercom Systems.

Public Address Systems

Public address system would be used in large office complexes, department stores, sports grounds and any other area where large numbers of people are gathered. These systems facilitate the playing of background music, advertising and announcements relevant to the venue. The systems can be large or small, single or multi-zone.

Sound Reinforcement Systems

These systems are used for the amplification of live speech in conference & meeting rooms, music venues, where high quality sound is a required, it is equally useful in lecture theatre, meeting halls, churches and auditoriums where the spoken word needs to crystal clear and heard by everyone. Our clients must be confident that when using their system they can be heard in every corner of the venue. We offer straightforward advice and the best custom sound systems for your needs and budget.

Induction Loop Systems

Induction loop systems are an assistive listening technology for individuals with impaired hearing. An induction loop system from Ampetronic consists of a loop or array of looped of cables which are placed around a designated area. When a microphone is used it creates an electromagnetic field throughout the looped space which can be picked up by a hearing aids and Cochlear Implant processors. The loops, transmits to the listener clear precise audio, clear of any ambient noise. Ideally suited to, lecture theatres & auditoriums, churches & meeting halls, cinemas & concert halls.

Paging & Intercom Systems

Paging systems can provide superior internal communications to large and small businesses. We provide both analogue and IP paging solutions. Intercoms, door & entry phones are cost effective solutions for internal communication and security. All business premises can link entry and door phones with automated locking mechanisms to create secure keyless environment.

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