Digital Signage

Digital signage can benefit your business by delivering cost effective eye catching video or multimedia content to public areas, conveying relevant information or your advertising message to potential customers. Utilising large LED or plasma displays, Onelan’s digital signage software is a superb and effective platform for communicating information and getting your business message across. It can be used to provide targeted messages to a small but highly dedicated audience of viewers.

The benefits to business are immense, digital signage allows your business to engage your customers, communicate your message and reduce your costs all at the same time. Creating, publishing and managing content from a single location and giving ownership to one individual within your team, provides tangible savings and offers flexibility over the printed medium, helping you secure a quick ROI. Being a dynamic and scalable medium, it enables the rolling out of the most relevant and up to date targeted content including promotional news, events, menus and wayfinding information simultaneously to one or multiple screens throughout your hotel, restaurant/s or chain of food outlets. Whether you are a local, regional, national or international hospitality provider, digital signage can help drive your business forward by building awareness and communicating your message to a wider audience.

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