WyreStorm is an award-winning electronics manufacturer committed to the development and production of high quality HD distribution and control solutions.  WyreStorm follow a simple but all-encompassing philosophy that dictates everything they do – providing the right technology for the right application – that allows the AV integrator to supply a superior experience to their clients.

WyreStorm Express

HDMI essentials, made easy. WyreStorm     Express is a plug and play range of high quality, high definition HDMI distribution solutions for the home, home office or any location to make audio and video connectivity, setup, and operation simple and effective. WyreStorm Express 1×4 HDMI Splitter has Plug and Play connectivity, automatic EDID and HDCP device communication. Low profile 18mm/0.7 for greater installation convenience. Create combined 4K/HD distributions with additional WyreStorm inline scaler.

All the WyreStorm Express product range have straight-forward HD switching, distribution, IR control, they are fully 3D compatible and designed to work with the latest video source components (satellite and cable boxes), gaming devices, audio receivers, amplifiers and flat panel TV displays. WyreStorm Express products are rock-solid affordable and effective solutions for switching, splitting, and extending HDMI transmissions.

The WyreStorm Express EXP-EX-COAX-50 is a single cable point to point extender set using copper-core 75Ohm Coax cable to transmit 1080p HD video @60Hz and multi-channel HD audio on cable runs up to 50m (164ft) including wide-band, two-way IR control of both source and display. Transmits 1080p content to 50m/164ft using single coax cable.  It has bidirectional IR control of source and display. EDID and cable distance management encourage device compatibility. ESD protection and auto Feedback/equalization for less interference and reliability

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