Flat Panel Displays

When it comes to flat panel displays for the home cinema environment, bigger is usually better. Today’s large-format flat panel TV’s offer features and benefits that are leaps and bounds beyond the offerings of their bulkier predecessors. Slim-line and sleek they offer large, bright, vividly coloured, vibrant HD images up to 4k ,from market leaders like Sony and Samsung, ideal for the home cinema market and for customers who don’t wish to go the projection route for their home cinema project. Due to the wide range of sizes and formats (LED, OLED, LCD) available there is something to meet everyone’s needs and budget. With a vast array of inputs they are perfect for gracing the wall of your new home cinema, connecting with ease to all your inputs sources, be it Netflix, Sky HD or Blu-Ray player.  Audio Visual Contracts are here to advise, guide and recommend the flat panel screen that will surpass your expectations for your home cinema.

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