Home Cinema Audio

You have taken time to look at the possible visual format of your home cinema, whether to go with a projection system of a large flat screen, now it time to look at the audio system that will compliment your earlier choice. Your choice of sound system can range from a basic amplifier and speakers, to a one box home theatre system or a fully spec’d. 11.2 AV Amplifier, delivering stunning full bodied sound that puts you “there” as you become immersed in the soundtrack of your favourite movie. The choice of amplifier is key, it is a vital component in delivering the home cinema experience. We offer a range of premium receiver amplifiers from trusted manufactures, like Yamaha, Pioneer and Denon, products that not only deliver exceptional audio performances but are stand-out pieces of aesthetic design. We will lead you through the extensive range of equipment available, specifying the product that best meets your needs.

A sound system is an equation, a sum of equal parts, at Audio Visual Contract we offer a range of loudspeaker options to compliment and elicit the very best sound quality from your audio equipment. From discrete in-wall, in-ceiling, to beautiful free-standing or wall-mounted speakers from premium brand like Artcoustic, B&W, KEF, Speakercraft and Monitor Audio, you can be assured that Audio Visual Contracts will best match performance with aesthetics to deliver a system that fits seamlessly into your home.

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