Projection Systems


We supply, install and integrate a select range of dedicated HD home cinema projection solutions including stunning 4K, catering for both large and small rooms. The projection format is very popular as a home cinema solution as it affords the user a very large visual footprint, subject to the constraints of their space. Projection systems offer the excellent cost to screen size ratio. They deliver much larger images than is possible with the flat screen. They can provide the client we that “big screen” cinema feel that they are looking for. We have worked on and designed several home cinema projects ranging from the very simple to fully automated systems with dedicated cinema seating, motorised projectors & screens.

Firstly, we would always recommend, high contrast full HD projectors, why?, because the majority of your input sources will be HD, such as Blu-Ray, Sky HD, and HD games consoles like Xbox & PS4. Most projector will have composite, component and HDMI inputs, facilitating all input sources. By specifying a HD projector we are guaranteeing our clients crisper, sharper, more detailed images. Equally as important to the HD properties of a home cinema projector is a high contrast ratio.  The contrast ratio is the ratio between the white and black parts of an image. The higher the contrast ratio is, the greater the difference between the whitest whites and the deepest blacks, this allows the projector to produce images that would normally be grainy and blurred as clear, sharp and well defined.

It is worth noting, as it is often forgotten or pushed down the list of priorities that the quality of your source material has a dramatic impact on the quality of the projected image. Any lose in signal quality will be exacerbated by your HD projector or HD flat panel TV, particularly on larger screens, therefore it is imperative that a quality cabling infrastructure be considered and put in place, this also applies to the audio component of the system.

Projection Screens

If you are just finding your feet, just getting a grasp of all the different terminology that surrounds home cinema, that’s OK, you can’t be expected to remember every single fact or method for working out throw distances and screen sizes. That’s what we do, we will appraise you in all the different sizes and aspect ratios that are available. However, we are not going to fill you head with facts and figures, bar two, the fact that you have come to the right place to discuss your project and secondly, figures that you can live with.

Choosing the right projector and projection screen is vitally important for the success and future pleasure that you can derive from your home cinema. The aspect ratio of the system is probably the first hurdle you will encounter, 4:3 /16:9 / 1.85:1 or 2.35:1 screen ratios, all we are talking about is the rectangular shape of the screen or image. The old standard was 4:3, which meant that there was 4 units across (width) for every 3 units down (height), the same applies for the HDTV 16:9 and 1.85:1 widescreen formats. Don’t worry there is a vast choice of screen formats (including dual/multi formats), sizes, fabrics, finishes and methods of use, fixed, manual or motorised, something to cater for every project and budget.

For further information and guidance on choosing the right projector for you, please don’t hesitate to call us we will be more than happy to help.

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