Multi-room Audio

Multi-room Audio Systems enables any home owner to listen to their favourite music and radio stations anywhere around their home, patio or garden, through discreet ceiling, wall-mounted or existing hi-fi speakers.

A multi-room audio system from Sonos, Russound or Control4 can deliver music from one central source or from multiple local sources such as iPods. Music tastes and preferences within the home can vary dramatically, be it a couple or a family with teenage kids, multi-room audio systems will allow the delivery of different source material simultaneously to different rooms, keeping everyone happy. These systems allow you to choose whole home or party mode to listen to the same music in every room in your house when you are entertaining or just moving around your home.

Working with your electrician we can have all the cable required for your system installed.  Then our highly trained and experienced engineers will arrive to fit your system and make sure that it is set-up and working just the way you want it. Now all you need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy, safe in the knowledge you have chosen the right  system that best suits your needs, all supplied and installed by a company that truly believes in customer service. Whether you choose a wired or wireless system we will ensure that the system will be the best solution for you and your home.

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