Networking & Wifi

4At Audio Visual Contracts we take a pragmatic view of your networking requirements. We first look at your existing network (where applicable) and then set about designing a network infrastructure specific to your needs while also building in a redundancy where required as many homeowners are now requiring the same network capabilities as businesses.

Many older homes and indeed many new builds are not sympathetic to the provision of a high quality Home Networks or Wi-Fi. With the number of devices that people are now using, most home networks are incapable of handling the volume of traffic without the correct integration and network infrastructure. If the infrastructure is not right/sound/solid the network freezes wasting time, money and causing nothing but frustration.

That’s were Audio Visual Contracts come in, using innovative products from Ubiquiti, TP Link and  Open Mesh and our expertise, plus a combination of hard wiring cat5e, cat6 cable and wireless networking we ensure that you get the best performance from your networked devices in your home.

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