Control4 Solutions

Control4, are a US based technology company, operating globally, who are at the forefront of developments in smart home automation systems to control lighting, entertainment, energy, security and other electronic devices in your home.

Their control system allows a home owner to stream music to speakers throughout their home, to control the TV or Blu-Ray player, to turn on and off or dim every light, all from their iPhone, iPad or Android device. Control4’s SDDP (simple device discovery protocol) makes products embedded with the code automatically discoverable by a Control4 network. They now have many top flight manufactures like Sony, Pioneer, Yamaha, Panasonic, to name a few supporting SDDP making the integration process much smoother.

So whether you want to start with one room or automate an entire house, come and talk to us, let us work with you to design the smart home of your dreams.

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