Universal Remote Control

At URC they know that most of us want is something that controls everything in your home, a single remote, something that enables you to listen to music, watch TV or Netflix, dim the lights without having to leave your favourite chair. Total Control from URC does all of this using just using ONE remote control or smartphone, bringing whole-house control to you in any easy affordable way.

With URC’s Total Control, you can access your home from the other side of the fence or the other side of the world. By using your smartphone you can control your favourite music, videos, check your CCTV system, turn heating and lighting systems on or off all at the touch of a button.

Designed for day to day use URC remotes let you control your entertainment systems, lighting, entry and much more. Put all your electronic devices into one simple to use menu that sits on your handheld URC remote, smartphone or tablet.

Audio Visual Contracts use URC to provide affordable smart home solutions.  Control virtually every electrical device in your home and expand the system as your requirements and budget grows.

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