Digital Signage

Digital signage is a dynamic, scalable, cost effective method of delivering video or multimedia content to stand alone or multiple displays, it allows for   the conveying of relevant information or advertising in public areas. The public are met and engaged with strategically placed large bright LED or plasma displays. It is a very effective method of communicating your business message through static, rotating imagery or animation. It can be used to provide a specific messages to a small but highly target audience.

The benefits to business are huge, digital signage allows your business display different messages, at different locations, at different times throughout the day. You can engage and communicate with potential customers, in the time it takes to write a new message. The time and cost efficiencies are readily apparent, Digital signage platforms from Allsee and Onelan lets you create, publish, manage and alter content at the push of a button from a single location, something that is simply not possible using the printed medium, providing tangible savings to your business. Produce up-to- date targeted content, deploy information on promotions and events simultaneously to one or multiple screens throughout your shop/s, shopping centre, or supermarket. Whether you are a local, regional, national or international retailer, digital signage can help drive your business forward by building awareness and communicating your message to a wider audience.

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