Video Wall / Large Screen Displays

Video-walls & large screen displays are designed to create the maximum impact. With super narrow, virtually seamless bezels, the modern video-wall is light and thin, enabling more flexible installations.  Delivering stunning hi-definition imagery in brilliant colour your advertising messages is bound to catch the eye, even in the most demanding of environments.

These large displays from NEC, Sony and Samsung can deliver your message and make it a phenomenal visual experience, advertising your message on ultra-bright, high contrast colour screens you can create a wow factor that will engage and excite potential customers. Whatever the environment indoor or out video-walls & large screen displays can provide relevant information to consumers while guiding them to their destination. The message and content can vary dramatically from shopping centre layouts to restaurant menus, flight arrival/departure times, whatever the message it is all delivered succinctly on bright, crisp HD screens in portrait of landscape format. The medium can also display up to the minute news reports and weather forecasts. The video-wall / large screen display as a medium allows retailers to communicate directly with their audience on a grand scale, to convey their message. Delivered at the right time, location, to the right people it can create a lasting impact/memory, ultimately increasing both sales & spend.

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